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Rua do Porto 122, 2dto

4500-557 Espinho


Redefining outdoor luxury

The decades - long success of Manutti has been undoubtedly influenced by the experience, intuition and vision of our founder, CEO Stephane De Winter. From a very early age through the career of his father – who owned a flax processing company, Stephane was exposed to the beauty and diversity of materials, fabrics and fibres.

Beginning his career as an accountant, his eye for textiles and naturally magnanimous personality soon led him to accept a sales position in fabric for furniture. Partnering with another furniture manufacturer, Stephane quickly brought the firm international acclaim. Simultaneously, he identified a worldwide demand for outdoor furniture and established a company in this growing sector – with humble beginnings in the garage of his parents.



Sustainable design rugs

For over 100 years, we have been creating carpets and made-to-measure rugs from our carpet factory in Crevillent, a small town in the province of Alicante, in south eastern Spain. We’re located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, a region that is acclaimed for its rich heritage in the production of textiles, where carpet weaving has its cultural home. We cherish this legacy with great pride and are committed to keeping our manufacturing operations remaining in the heart of this community. We continue to use the traditional wilton carpet making techniques that have been passed down through generations of local artisans, whose skills continue to be woven into the products we make today. If you have a project that requires a carpet manufacturer, you can contact us directly; we will be happy to assist you.

Rols comes from a long family tradition of 4 generations. Our history unrolls to 1917, when our predecessor Francisco Gómez used a manual loom to weave natural



Looks as good as it feels

HOUE is a Danish design house founded in 2007. We combine great comfort and design in our work. Therefore, we always put a lot of effort into our product development striving to meet a high standard of craftsmanship.


Our products are manufactured only on well-established factories with whom we have worked closely for several years. Our products are not random mass production – every detail, joint or component in our furniture is thoroughly chosen or invented by our experienced HOUE team to make a unique product.


We are driven by affordable luxury as a philosophy, by choosing the right materials and solutions. We draw from a proud heritage of Scandinavian design and craftsmanship with mass appeal. 


HOUE offers both an outdoor and indoor collection, always meeting our high standards in terms of design, price and quality.



Exclusive handmade flower pots and planters

Inspiration is everywhere. On every corner. In every street. Shapes. Materials. Patters. Our architects use this inspiration to design our unique Cosapots collection: handcrafted excellence in large size planters. Designed for impact, build to last.

Cosapots are made from the best quality polyester, fiber glass and natural additives. Every pot is handmade by highly skilled craftsmen and is a unique piece of art. The six natural stone hues in which Cosapots are available are achieved by mixing carefully selected high quality materials and natural colorants.





It all started in 2010 with Jorge Gaio, after 5 years of experience in the textile industry, decided to create his own agency. Today, we are very proud of the brands we manage [ MANUTTI, ROLS, HOUE and COSAPOTS ] to the most  prestigious retail shops, architects and interior designers in Portugal, united by a shared mission. The brands we represent are not just another task. Our growth is rooted in our founding principle: the integration of strategy, customer service and design, which drives efficiency and generates surprising, purposeful results. In addition to tangible achievements, building meaningful relationships with customers is vital to us, understanding their vision and concerns, we embark on a shared journey and remain a trusted partner every step of the way.



Rua do Porto 122, 2dto

4500 - 557 Espinho, Portugal


m. +351 935 240 288

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